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The Plan B G-IV is a skid or wheel mounted ULV chemical dispersal unit powered by a 5-hp Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine. Designed for outdoor and indoor application, the powerful discharge enables the operator to cover relatively large areas quickly and effectively.

The Plan B G-IV is easy to operate and maintain. With a chemical droplet spectrum with 85% in the 1-20 micron size range, this true ULV design is ideal for mosquito and other pest control. The 6 gallon chemical tank allows for fewer fill-ups in large treatment areas.

To print the G-IV Spec Sheet click here.


  • Skid Mount: 30"x20"x26"
  • Wheel Mount: 30"x20"x33"
    76cmx51cmx84cm (112cm with handle)
  • Skid/Wheel Mount Crated: 35"x30"x40"


  • 5 HP Recoil Start Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • 6 Gallon Chemical Tank
  • Adjustable Flow Meter - up to 10.5opm
  • Droplet Size - 85% 1-20mmd


  • Wheel Mount 5 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Wheel/Skid 5 HP Electric Start Honda Engine

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Suggested For:

  • Food/Commodity Storage
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Fields
  • Resorts
  • Small Municipalities